Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.


Orsang Camp elucidates the true meaning of adventure and adrenaline rush by galvanizing its guests into taking a step up into the fear-free zone. Located in the enthralling village of Gamdi, on the magnificent bank of Orsang River, the Camp shelters a sprawling area of lush green 125 acres and is designed to offer a great blend of comfort, style and adventure seen never before. It is the First award winning campsite of Gujarat facilitating exhilarating activities like Longest Zip Line in the country, Kayaking among others, and is also the only Camp to Offer Glamping at your customization. In order to provide a rejuvenating experience to the guests including friends, family and couples, the Camp not only offers the wide choice of accommodation with tranquil ambience, its unparalleled beauty of the majestic landscape along with the warm hospitality, perfect 24 hour services and lip smacking food make it a prodigious holiday destination for guests seeking to traverse in to new fear-friendly world.


To supplement the journey of a local man into being an adventurous, Fear-friendly and nature loving human.


To make the guest experience flawless by an innovative luxury service concept, informal yet impeccable.